Have you had your water tested before?

Many things can change your water quality, including new wells, replaced/repaired pipe, chemical/fuel spills near your water source and annual precipitation levels. Regular testing can also be valuable in establishing a record of water quality to create the peace of mind your family deserves.


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C-B Tool Co.

C-B Tool is a contract machine shop specializing in CNC machining, chucker machining and screw machine products along with secondary milling and drilling operations. In addition, we also offer precision surface grinding along with broaching up to 1/2 inch capacity with our HPP Hansford Davis Automatic Keyseater. As an all-purpose machine shop, we offer zinc plate, heat treat, black oxide and painting. C-B Tool specializes in the machining of forgings, castings and bar stock of the following materials such as: brass, cold roll bar steel, grey iron, malleable iron, aluminum, stainless steel, nitronic, ductile iron, bronze and plastics. We offer accurate and timely delivery of our finished products.

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