Pre-Charged Tanks

Pre-charged tanks have several advantages over plain steel or galvanized tanks. Pre-charged tanks require less maintenance because the air and water are totally separated by a liner, so water cannot absorb the air and cause the tank to fill with water. If the tank is filled with water (a condition called water logging, the pump will cycle with every demand because there is no air pressure for the switch to sense. Although standard tanks can refill the air with air charging devices or can slow air absorption with a free floating air barrier, these are not as reliable as the total air separation in a pre-charged tank.

Built to Last

Air Charge Valve-conveniently located for easy pressure adjustment.

Designer Finish-Provides positive protection against corrosion.

Corrosion-Resistant Base-Strong and stable for long life. Base rotates for easy alignment to pipe connection.

Proven Water Chamber

Durable Butyl Diaphragm-Strong and flexible, for smooth operation and long life

Positive Diaphragm Seal-Insures permanent air-water separation.

Plastic Lining-Permanently bonded to the shell. Protection against internal corrosion.

Models Available

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