"Premier Pressure" Pump Series

Featuring Franklin Electric’s SubDrive 75 and 150 Constant Pressure Controllers, our Premier Pressure Systems utilize our performance-proven Series Pump Ends and industrystandard Franklin Electric motors. Premier Pressure provides constant pressure through a wide range of flow demand, including large homes, ground source heat pumps and sprinkler systems.

Lancaster Pump offers 8 different systems to choose from, depending on depth of well and available water flow. (Refer to Premier Pressure specification sheets for accurate sizing information.)


1½hp performance from a ¾hp Pump End.

3hp performance from a 1½hp Pump End.

Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (25 to 80 psi).

Works with small pressure tanks or larger tanks already in place.

3-phase performance using 1-phase input - more efficient and smoother running.

Built-in diagnostics and protection - surge protection, under-load, under-voltage, locked pump, open circuit, short circuit, overheated controller.

Smart Reset technology allows well recovery before restarting the pump.

Water faucets can be installed between wellhead and controller.

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