Diamond Line LX AquaNue™

Diamond Line LX AquaNue 1000 Series - This 1000 Series offers a better way to eliminate weak or intermittent levels of hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and low levels of iron. The highly efficient backwashing plate technology tank makes for an easy installation.

Diamond Line LX AquaNue 2000 Series - Lancaster's AquaNue 2000 Series is a more thorough aeration system, oxidizing hydrogen sulfide gas when moderate-to-persistent sulfur levels exist (up to 5 ppm) and up to 10 ppm of iron.

Diamond Line LX AquaNue 3000 Series - Our AquaNue 3000 Series is the most comprehensive and effective aeration system. Recommended when strong sulfur (over 5 ppm) and/or over 10 ppm of iron contaminants exist.

Water Treatment Process

Iron is oxidized and hydrogen sulfide gas is converted to a filterable solid as the water passes through a compressed pocket of air. The water is then filtered through a bed of carbon. Accumulated sediment is backwashed out daily and a new air pocket is formed.

System Benefits

An economical simplified way to eliminate hydrogen sulfide gas and iron without the use of chemicals offering the following:

Eliminates up to 3 ppm of hydrogen sulfide, eliminating rotten-egg smell

Also oxidizes low levels of iron, up to 1 ppm.

Vortech tank for more efficient backwashing

Simplified single tank installation

No chemicals added to your water

Cleans and “polishes” your water

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