Diamond Line LX City Soft Plus
Water Softener/Filter System

Our top-of-the-line CITY SOFT PLUS electronic water softener/filter provides two treatment technologies that remove chlorine and soften water simultaneously.

For city water that is chlorinated* and hard, the City Soft PlusTM delivers crystal-clear, fresh tasting, odor-free, soft water. For city water that is corrosive and hard, the City Soft PlusTM delivers crystal-clear, non-corrosive, soft water.

Homeowner Benefits

Our X-Factor Series City Soft PlusTM softener/filter system brings the treatment of

household water to a whole new level of quality, convenience and proven system

performance. Our combined technology unit does the job of two, providing soft,

better-tasting water or soft, non-corrosive water.

Crystal-Clear, Healthy Water

Carbon models filter out unwanted chemicals including chlorine, to improve color, taste and odor.


Fully adjustable regeneration cycle minimizes salt and water usage.

Conserves Waste Water:

One regeneration cycle cleans the filter and softener simultaneously, thereby conserving waste water.


Stores all system configuration and operating data, even in the event of a power outage.

Lower Operating Costs:

Programmable control customizes treatment to family needs.


Access port on the top of the tank allows the addition or removal of media without removing the control valve.

Easy to Program

Set time of day

Set water hardness

Set desired time of regeneration

Set contractor name and phone number

Mid-plate Media Tank

The high-performance mineral tank with distribution plates combined with the LXCV1 control valve reduces discharge and increases efficiency. The physical separation of multiple media saves not just space, but also literally hundreds of dollars in operating costs. The purchase of just one water conditioning system does the job of two!

Lancaster Designed State-of-the-Art Control Valve

Dot matrix display

Scrolling text display

Additional user display choices during normal service

Color specific display: solid blue, in service; solid green, in regeneration; flashing yellow, maintenance; flashing red, error.

Water drop flow indicator

Display and keypad backlight illumination

Screen displays low battery when the backup battery needs replaced

Models Available

Cut Sheets & Manuals

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