Diamond Line LX IronSoft Water Softener

A real breakthrough in water treatment equipment, Lancaster’s “Ironsoft” will not only soften hard water, but will remove up to 10 ppm of Ferrous (clear water) iron and/or Ferric (red water) iron.

Our “Ironsoft” family of high-performance microprocessor control valves provides the ultimate in system capabilities and water treatment benefits. These dependable and easy-to-install units assure the dealer and homeowner that the system will perform reliably.

Operating with a fine mesh resin, which has a smaller bead size than standard resin, this unit is much more efficient in grains exchange capacity and is also a much better filter than standard units. The specially designed support bed media acts as a secondary filter.

Backwash rates on the “Ironsoft” are a fraction of the requirements of ordinary iron filters, which allows the use of the “Ironsoft” on relatively poor producing wells.

Additionally, “Ironsoft” is not sensitive to pH and can be operated in acidic water, which would not be compatible with an ordinary iron filter.

Periodic regeneration with water softener salt is required and the use of resin cleaner is recommended for maximum resin efficiency. Available in a two-tank model or the space-saving cabinet style.

Homeowner Benefits

The electronic control valve with demand initiated or time clock initiated regeneration allows the dealer to precisely predict the use and installation of the proper system to achieve the desired results for the homeowner

In addition to softening hard water, Ironsoft removes iron in both clear water and red water conditions

Available in the space-saving cabinet model or the two-tank model

Multiple applications in capacity from 24,000 to 64,000 grains assuring system will be sized to meet the water treatment needs of the household

An authorized water treatment dealer who understands your application and installation requirements

Family members will all experience improvements of treated water after installation

Easy to Program

Set time of day

Set water hardness

Set desired time of regeneration

Set contractor name and phone number

Why Buy?

Iron is highly objectionable. It imparts a metallic taste to water. Much worse, it stains practically everything with which it comes in contact. Iron bearing water is usually clear and colorless with dissolved ferrous iron. Exposure to air causes it to oxidize to ferric iron, cloud up and deposit a yellowish or reddish-brown sediment of ferric hydroxide. Ferric hydroxide causes staining. Manganese can accompany iron, producing objectionable dark brown or black stains. Water softeners remove unwanted hardness and minerals from your household water - whether from private well or municipal source. Water softeners in combination with filters, neutralizers and reverse osmosis systems can meet the most challenging water problems.

Ironsoft Electronic Series

Uses fine mesh resin, (smaller bead-size) for more efficient grains exchange capacity and better filtration. Removes up to 10 ppm of ferrous (clear water) iron and/or ferric (red water) iron. Backwash rates on Ironsoft are a fraction of the requirement of ordinary iron filters, which allows the use of the Ironsoft on relatively poor producing wells. Solid-state microprocessor based LCD control valve.

Lancaster Designed State-of-the-Art Control Valve

Factory-set pre-fill brine

Dot matrix display

Scrolling text display

Contractor contact screens

Additional user display choices during normal service

Color specific display: Solid Blue, In Service; Solid Green, In Regeneration; Flashing Yellow, Maintenance; Flashing Red, Error.

Water drop flow indicator

Contractor service call reminder

Display and keypad backlight illumination

Screen displays low battery when the backup battery needs replaced

Two relay driver outputs

Multiple regenerations per day

Additional diagnostics information

Additional valve history information

DC battery operation available

Monitors water consumption, water flow rates, gallons since last regeneration, days between regeneration, total regenerations since start-up

Treated water brine refill

Easy-access front panel settings

Days override feature: 1-28 days available

Stores system configuration and operation data in a nonvolatile memory

Valve ported internally 1”

Battery back-up with up to 8 hours power carry-over

Models Available

Cut Sheets & Manuals

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