Diamond Line LX Water Softener

Our top-of-the-line electronic water softener brings advanced technology and enhanced performance to water conditioning. The Diamond Line LX features a Lancaster designed state-of-the-art control valve and plate technology distribution system to ensure peak efficiency.

The control valve is outfitted with a solid-state microprocessor control and Dot Matrix color-specific display to simplify system operation and set-up.  The microprocessor controls the programmed sequence of cycles and cycle times while the color-specific display alerts you to the current state of process or needs of your LX unit.  Blue indicates the unit is In Service; Green indicates the unit is regenerating; Flashing Yellow indicates the unit needs Maintenance; and Flashing Red indicates an Error.

Our innovative control valve is easy to program and provides valuable information, including usage history, diagnostic records, and current gallon-per-minute flow and usage to the installer and homeowner.  Additionally, the control valve monitors days since the last regeneration, peak flow rates, and reserve capacity based on water usage over the previous 21 days.

You can count on your professional plumbing contractor to provide expert advice and installation of the best Lancaster Water Treatment system to meet your household needs.

Homeowner Benefits

Environmentally friendly

Uses 30% less water during regeneration

Regenerates on demand

Water usage efficiency up to 98%

Modular design is easy to service and maintain

Custom control program to meet family needs at a lower operating cost

Energy-saving lighting display

Available in the space-saving cabinet model or the two-tank model

Easy to Program

Set time of day

Set water hardness

Set desired time of regeneration

Set contractor name and phone number

Lancaster Designed State-of-the-Art Control Valve

Factory-set pre-fill brine

Dot matrix display

Scrolling text display

Contractor contact screens

Additional user display choices during normal service

Color specific display: Solid Blue, In Service; Solid Green, In Regeneration; Flashing Yellow, Maintenance; Flashing Red, Error.

Water drop flow indicator

Contractor service call reminder

Display and keypad backlight illumination

Screen displays low battery when the backup battery needs replaced

Two relay driver outputs

Multiple regenerations per day

Additional diagnostics information

Additional valve history information

DC battery operation available

Monitors water consumption, water flow rates, gallons since last regeneration, days between regeneration, total regenerations since start-up

Treated water brine refill

Easy-access front panel settings

Days override feature: 1-28 days available

Stores system configuration and operation data in a nonvolatile memory

Valve ported internally 1”

Battery back-up with up to 8 hours power carry-over

Models Available

Cut Sheets & Manuals

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