Halo Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Taking a page from the technology of nature, Lancaster Water Treatment is proud to introduce you to our ultraviolet Halo™ Series. Built to last with the power of our high-intensity ultraviolet bulb and core chamber technology, Halo™ will neutralize harmful bacteria that can create waterborne illnesses within your home. The Halo™ Series has been developed to handle both municipal and well water applications, which will ultimately guarantee you and your family's peace of mind.

Homeowner Benefits

Made in the USA

Halo's™ rays penetrate bacteria, disinfecting your water while inactivating 99.99% of harmful microorganisms

Unlike chlorine, UV does not alter the taste or odor of water and will not impart any toxic by-products

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of water

Designed to the highest standards in the industry

Treating your water supply with the use of UV disinfection is not only more effective than traditional treatments, but it is also an environmentally responsible way of treating your water

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