P56, PM56 - Water Softeners

The Lancaster Pacesetter metered and 12-Day time cycle water softeners represent one of the most economical water softener options available today.

The PM56 metered system regenerates only when necessary so you can be assured of effi cient low-cost operation. The simple in-stream mechanical meter actually monitors the soft-clear water outlet service fl ow to as low as .25 gpm.

The PM56 metered system is designed to prevent calcium build-up and ensure trouble-free, long life service as well as savings up to 50% salt consumption backwash.

The P56 time clock models allow the regeneration cycle to be set within a 12-day or optional 7-day cycle period of time to meet water needs.

Homeowner Benefits

The mechanical control valve with time clock or metered regeneration allows an authorized water treatment dealer to understand the application and installation requirements to achieve the desired results for the home

The metered valve automatically adjusts to your varying water demands

Multiple applications in capacity from 24,000 to 45,000 grains assuring system will be sized to meet the water treatment needs of your household

Family members will all experience the improvements to treated water after installation

With the attributes of quality, durability and simplified engineering design, you can be assured of low maintenance and long life

Will use up to 50% less soap and detergent while cleaning better

Why Buy?

A Water softener in your home will make you feel better bathing, help protect pipes, faucets, appliances and allow soap and detergents to clean better.

Water softeners remove unwanted hardness and minerals from household water- whether from private well or municipal source. Water softeners in combination with fi lters, neutralizers and reverse osmosis systems can meet the most challenging water problems.

PM56 Metered Regeneration

Regenerates only when necessary

Automatically adjusts to your varying water consumption

6-cycle control with down flow brining

Durable construction of glass filled Noryl ® provides carefree, reliable operation, as well as modular design for simple maintenance

Plastic by-pass valve

FDA approved high-density polythlene black brine tank for easy one carton lower cost shipping

P56 Automatic Time Clock Regeneration

Easy to program- simply set timer and days between regeneration

Regeneration occurs at 2:00 AM on each day set by a skipper tab

12-Day standard (7-Day cycle option available)

Designed for years of trouble-free service

Plastic by-pass valve

FDA approved high-density polythlene black brine tank for easy one carton lower cost shipping

Models Available

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